We are one of the leading providers of the Best Nifty Tips in the market. Having set trends in the Industry for the past six years. We provide Quality Service through innovative principles and up to date technology and have retained our valued clients into a longterm relationship through constant anticipation of their expectations. Along with teamwork, integrity, respect and service as our core strengths, we constantly create awareness of the changing market trends among our clients.

Many people assume that trading is a gambling. For the matter of fact, trading is an Investment strategy with the highest earning potential. With perfect Scientific and Technical Study, You can earn good profits with safe trading rather than risking the entire capital looking at huge profits overnight. We advice traders not to believe in risky formulas, autosignal softwares and strategies of trading. Believe in practical trading as Nifty Prime does and earn good profits.



We provide the tips which are very scientific and in which we are very confident and that is the secret behind our Success as Nifty Prime, The Trendsetters in Nifty.


Salient Features of Our Services:

We provide The Best Nifty Tips based on Scientific Study and also Confidential News based.
We provide 1-2 tips a day .
All our calls are purely Intraday and so completely riskfree.
All our calls are live market calls with ample time to enter and exit.
Our premium SMS server delivers the SMS within 5 seconds to your mobile.
All our calls will be given with a Single Target. Outstanding Feature of Nifty Prime.
The profit booking range will be 25 to 50 points in Nifty Futures and 15 to 35 points or 20% to 40% returns in Nifty Options. Royal Profit Bookings of Nifty Prime.
In a month, the Net Profit (Total Profit – Total Loss) will be around 250 points in Nifty Futures.
In a month, the Net Profit (Total Profit – Total Loss) will be around 150 points in Nifty Options.
Exit call will be provided at the end of the call and so you need not stare at the terminal to book profits. Exit at the buzz of our SMS and book good Profits. Nifty Prime serves you the best.
Last but not the least, the accuracy of our calls is above 90% in all market conditions. That’s Nifty Prime, The Trendsetters in Nifty.